M. Sidoni Nigeria Limited recognizes and actively promotes the importance of achieving the highest practical standards of Health, Safety and Environment at all times. Therefore, we want to conduct our operations in a manner that will help prevent accidents, injuries, and dangers to the health and well being of our employees, customers, and the general public.

The company’s policy will however not conflict with the customers’ procedure in place; providing such procedures are in line with the government legislation.

The management will fulfill its commitments and responsibilities through the
implementation of HSE Management System. M. Sidoni supports these commitments by developing awareness and providing training and resources for all personnel to perform their duties safely while protecting the environment. All employees are expected to observe the safety regulations as stipulated by our safety program, safety manual and commonly recognized safe working practices in the exercise of their duties.

Unsafe practices and conditions, as well as accidents, must be reported to the immediate supervisor for necessary actions. Safe work practice is a condition of employment at M.Sidoni.

Control of accidents is the responsibility of all employees and accountability rests with the supervisors and managers of each operation while the HSE department will monitor and report compliance to the chief executive.

Finally, no job is so important and no service is so urgent that time cannot be taken to perform them safely.




The Management commitment and leadership shall form the foundation for the Company’s successful HSE management. It shall drive the valuable management strategy among the personnel through the demonstration of effective implementation of the Company’s HSE Policy:


HSE objectives

The long-term HSE objectives of M.SIDONI NIGERIA LTD are to:

  • Eliminate work related fatalities in all operations;
  • To promote total compliance with procedures, laws, standards and regulations;
  • Have competent staff/contractors;
  • Promote management ownership of HSE; and
  • Ensure excellent project execution/management.

 Focus Areas:

  • Improve Leadership
  • No Harm to People (Including Compliance with Rules, Regulations, Standards and Procedures and Enhancement of Competency of Sidoni Staff and Contractors.
  • Honour all our commitments.


Targeting of these areas of weakness is geared towards achieving the following KEY OBJECTIVES, which ultimately will eliminate the unacceptable number of unsafe acts/unsafe conditions and prevent accidents.

  • Promote HSE as Top Priority in our business;
  • Improve Staff HSE Culture;
  • Identify and replace deficient equipment before they cause a near miss or incident;
  • Improving Company Reputation;
  • Ensure uniform HSE Standards and Continuous Improvement in HSE;
  • Competence Assurance of Sidoni Staff and Contractors;
  • Effective Management of HSE Risks in all Contracts.


The Management is commitmented to the Company’s successful HSE management, through the demonstration of effective implementation of the Company’s HSE Policy:

  • Setting a direct daily example in operations
  • Allocate sufficient resources to provide and maintain conditions and workplaces that are practicably safe and healthy
  • Ensure that all equipment is in good working order and that appropriate tools for the job are made safe and available
  • Provide where necessary, approved Personal Protective Equipment and to ensure that employees understand their proper usage
  • Ensure that adequate instructions are given to employees on all aspects of their work, especially those hazardous to health and environment